GT Bleaching Soap Review

Hi guys! 🙋 Good to be back today for another product review! 👍🙌 well, the product i am going to feature on today’s post is the soap called GT Bleaching Soap! Last month, when we are doing our groceries my mom visits the soap section and randomly checking out other brands of soaps, though she has her own favorite brand already, but she wanna try something new and so, i accompanied her on choosing what she would like to try and that’s how i saw this product on the edge of it’s shelf.


At my first glance of it, it is indeed something new to my eyes, i am not sure if this is a new or old product it has two other variants which are Carrot and Papaya and the one i got here is the Bleaching variant with lemon and coconut as you can see in the pic above as always i apologize for my provided pictures for being low quality, i just don’t have a good camera as of now. 😭😭😭 BTW, i got this for only ₱88.00 on the local mall we used to visit a lot. 😊😊😊 I just noticed that this product only has a few displays on the shelf where it used to be displayed, and i thought maybe it is a new product? I was really wondering. If you are familiar with this product please let me know in the comments. 😚😚😚

As the packaging stated:

“Uses natural coco soap base with lemon extract that helps whiten skin naturally without side effects even when exposed to the sun. Contains vitamin C that gives skin a natural glowing feeling”.

Here’s some pics i took:



These are the sides of the packaging. This is the lower side where you can see the manufacturer, manufacturing date, expiry date, and the batch code of the product. 👍



This is the back where you can see the list of ingredients, directions, precaution, and the results or should i say the “product claims”. 👍

Here’s the soap:


The soap is a white square. But, i was surprised that the soap was just directly packed into the box without any protective plastic cover like any other soaps i purchase before. And so, i end up having a hard time removing the soap from the box, and that is why i got the box edges teared.xD 😅😅😅 The first time i smelled the soap, i really thought of AIR FRESHENER! Yes people! you heard it right! LOL it really does smells like one! you know, the lemon scent you used to inhale in your car!xD 😂 😂 😂


here’s the actual soap finally i got it out from it’s box. Can you see the pieces of paper from the box sticks to it? LOL 😂😂😂


Ok, let’s check out their claims are, as the packaging addressed it as they label it as

“Results: Skin becomes tight and firm. Wrinkles are slowly eliminated leaving a smooth, soft, and healthy white skin”.

And the day after i purchased the soap, i used it on the next day. I cut my soap into pieces as i prefer a smaller size so that i can use it easily. 😊


It has been 3 weeks and 5 days since i used the soap and i got one sliced of my soap left. As i used the soap, i can feel the coconut as it gives a moisture, at first i thought i would dry my skin since it is a bleaching soap, but i was wrong, thus, it made my skin a bit oily? especially my face but not to the extent that it reached worst but i did have breakouts! yes! you read it right! 😣😣😣 i got about three new heads growing! And then i decided not to use it on my face. when i used it on my body, there is no significant effect on the first 3 weeks, but i noticed that it gives my skin moisture! especially my foot!xD my heels has a great moisture now! 👍 I’m still waiting to see it’s whitening effects so maybe i’ll purchase it when i run out of it. It didn’t makes my skin white but i like the moisture it’s giving me. And also i am using this with a body scrub called “Gluta C body scrub” i will be reviewing it soon so stay tuned. ☺


▪ Cheap

▪ Widely available

▪ Gives moisture to skin leaves my skin soft.

▪ 120g for ₱88.00 i think it’s affordable.


▪ The scent! 😣😣😣 It really smells like air freshener!xD but i do understood that it is made of pure herbal extracts, i’m not choosy on smells anyway.

▪ The inside packaging, they should include a protective plastic cover on the soap so that the users can easily remove the soap from the box.

I’ll give this soap an 8 out of 10 hearts! 💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗 though it never claims on when it can whiten your skin so i think we users should give it enough time to take effect.

I think that’s it for this post! That’s all i have in mind so if you tried it before please share your thoughts in the comments and let me know if it works for you or not. For us current users, good luck to us! I am really hoping it will work for me as well. haha!

This is not a sponsored post. This is my own thoughts of this product. Thank you for reading and for dropping by as well! Till next time!

See you in my next post!



2 thoughts on “GT Bleaching Soap Review

  1. I think this soap is not really good for the face, as the ingredient “coconut oil” dominated and it has the potential to clog pores that may be the cause of your breakout. I hate how some soaps smell very artificial so I was thinking twice if I will purchase this or not : D I am currently using a soap from Lush, which smells like freshly squeezed lemons and citrus 🙂 I bought mine for 500 😥 for 120 grams very priceyy. Nice blog by the way 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi! Yes, your right. 👍 By now, i stopped using this soap because of it’s scent.xDD and also, it didn’t whiten my skin after i continued using it for a another month, i think this soap was not really meant for bleaching, though it moisturizes my skin. 👍
      In the beginning, i was kinda happy with it, 😊 Well, if you are planing to purchase this soap i think it works well if you use it as a body soap, like what you said coconut oil/coconut based soap can possibly clog pores. I am not really familiar with Lush but next time i’ll go shopping i’ll check it out and try it as well. 😘 Thank you so much for reading and for dropping by. ✋✋👍😘


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