My new favorite JE group ジャニーズWEST! (Johnny’s West) 😍😘💖

Hi there everyone! 🙋🙋🙋 Thank God i’m back to update today!xD haha! The truth is i was kinda busy lately watching some of the japanese dramas recommend to me by my fangirl friends! 😊 And i’m glad i did! 😙 But, for today i’ll talk about my new favorite idol group which is Johnny’s west! 😍😍😍💘 I am so into them right now! well, actually i got into them i guess 2 months ago?xD 😂 What i love about this group is that, they are soooo funny, adorable and has a very good rhythm of music! My only dilemma was i couldn’t pick an ichiban on this group! LOL i love them all!xD hahahha!

With a very candid personality these guys will make you laugh to death! hahahha! just like what they did to me! 😂😂😂😂 everytime i watched them i can’t help but laugh!xD  i couldn’t get enough of them! 😘 and at the end of the day my stomach aches alot multiple times!xD This group has a happy aura and music, i love that some of their PV’s (music videos) has a fun concept and is giving me a very refreshing feeling! 😘😘😘 Their debut was announced at the Johnny’s Countdown and later released their debut single  “Eejanaika” on April 23. 2014. ♥

Let’s get to know the members!

Nakama Junta  (中間淳太)

Birthdate: 1987-Oct-21

Birthplace:  Kobe, Hyogo, Japan

Star sign: Libra (same as mine ♥)

Blood type: O

I love Junta-kun for his MC abilities~ and of course i love his voice! 💖 This guy gives me a feeling of something good.xD I don’t even know what that is, every time i watch him i felt like his a kind person. 😉 He also starred in the popular japanese drama “Gokusen” together with Akito Kiriyama.

 photo junta1.jpg

According to some sources he used to live in Taiwan from third grade to ninth grade and joined a volleyball team during the ninth grade.

▪ Hamada Takahiro  (濱田崇裕)

Birthdate: 1988-Dec-19

Birthplace: Hyogo, Japan

Star sign: Sagittarius

Blood type: AB

For me, Hama-chan is the best of both worlds!xD When i watched SHARK he was so cool! ♥ But, when i am watching Nippon Mukashi Banashi, the coolness just cracks up and silliness takes over that makes me wanna watch over and over again! (sorry replay button!)xD

▪ Kiriyama Akito  (桐山照史)

Birthdate: 1989-Aug-31

Birthplace:  Osaka, Japan

Star sign:  Virgo

Blood type: A

Akito-kun has a lot of charm points, i like his eyes, his MC-ing abilities are also good too. 💖 He is the buta (pig) of Jwest!xD hahahhaa!! 😂😂😂✌ but he’s one of the cutest buta!xD and also i love the way he laughs.. 😘😘😘 I watched their Johnnys West no Abake and there’s a part that he laughs hard while their voices was changed into kinda like a chipmunk version.. 😂😂😂 He’s so adorable! hahaha!

▪ Shigeoka Daiki (重岡大毅)

Birthtdate: 1992-Aug-26

Birthplace: Osaka, Japan

Star sign: Virgo

Blood type: A

Shigeoka!!! 💖💖😍 I love Shige’s speaking voice! I mean, if you are someone who wasn’t used to hear him talk then you’ll be surprise when he speaks..😂 what a cute voice but i’m used to it now.xD  hahaha! His smile was totally charming! 😍 Whenever i see him, i’ll immediately laughs! I know! It’s so weird i can’t even explain it! I guess that’s what a fangirl who really get the feeels! 😂😂😂

Someone tagged me this pic on facebook and guess what, it made my day! 😂😂😂

▪ Kamiyama Tomohiro (神山智洋)

Birthdate:  1993-Jul-01

Birthplace:  Hyogo, Japan

Star sign: Cancer

Blood type: A

Kami-chan is good at impersonating someone! He impersonates Kamenashi Kazuya (KATTUN) a lot and he can also do Kinpachi-sensei! 😂😂😂 I also like it when he acts cool like his character in the drama “Again” where he starred along with fellow member Fujii Ryusei. 😍 I love this guys cheekbones.. haha! I don’t know, i just like it. LOL 😂😂

Chou kawaii! Kami-chan! 😘😘😘

▪ Fujii Ryusei  (藤井流星)

Birthdate: 1993-Aug-18

Birthplace:  Osaka, Japan

Star sign:  Leo

Blood type: B

Ryusei-kun is somewhat the cool type of guy, but he can definately blend in and he’s able to show his funny side too! ♥ His drama “Again” is totally a must watch! I like Ryusei because he is one of the Jr’s i’ve seen a lot before on my idol magazines and i easily recognized him. 😉 He has sisters who are also idols and they are so pretty! They really have a good genes. 👍

▪ Nozomu Kotaki (小瀧望)

Birthdate: 1996-Jul-30

Birthplace:  Osaka, Japan

Star sign: Leo

Blood type: O

Nonchan is so lovable! He is the baby of Jwest! His cuteness makes me melt!xD 💘 Who would ever thought he’s just 18? Same as Ryusei i also seen Nonchan a lot on my idol magazine cause most of the time Ryusei and Nonchan are always together when they are still Jr’s. 💖💖💖 Looking at him makes feel like i want to cuddle him… yeah~ like what you do to your little puppy dogs! LOL 😂😂😂 He was so cute and such a baby! 😘 But, if you want to see more of his manly side then do watch the movie “Kinkyori Renai” he did so good on that movie, i just love that  particular scene the one which he came up on Sakurai-sensei angrily and punched him out of nowhere! Wooh! Yamashita Tomohisa my ichiban (favorite) starred in the movie playing the role of Sakurai-sensei. 😘😘😘

Wooh!! Johnny’s west has caught my heart!xD 💘 I’ll include some of their PV’s below. and other miscellaneous videos.xD

Hahaaha! This is so damn funny! 😂

All my love PV

Eejanaika PV

Here’s the Mukashi Banashi’s:

Here’s my favorite tale Cinderella!

Watch Kami-chan impersonates Kamenashi!xD 😂😂😂

Unfortunately, i couldn’t find these videos with english subs on it. 😢 But it’s ok it’s still fun to watch though. hahha! And so. that’s it for my fandom post. Photos and videos not mine credits to the respective owners.

See you in my next post! I really had fun writing this! So, i gotta go i have to flail some more and get my daily dose of them! haha! Bye! 🙋



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