Mena Natural White Pearl Cream Review


A pleasant day to everyone!Β πŸ™‹ Hello there! Today, as i promise i’ll post a product review post! I’ve already reached the third week of my usage on this product called Mena Natural White Pearl Cream! This product existed quite long time ago, i’ve been seeing this on convenience stores, groceries and even on sari-sari stores (stores on the neighborhood small time convenience store). I first known about this product when i was in grade school, when i became a freshman in high school i recall using the pink variant of this product, which i think is the first variant they release in the market. I believe that the Pearl Cream variant was released 5 years ago(?) if i’m not mistaken, because i recall back in the days there is only one variant of Mena Cream which is the pink one.

Here’s what it looks like:


This photo was not mine credits to the owner.

For the variant i’m going to review which is the Mena Natural White Pearl Cream here’s some of Β the pics i took.


Here’s what it looks like inside it’s box.


The product was stored in a pretty round white plastic container, the packaging was so simple, nothing so fancy. I really like how simple and yet decent the packaging was. I decided to try this one out because i’ve been looking for a cheap face cream recently because my facial skin feels rough, so i grab this one.xD


According to the packaging, the cream contains Vitamin E and Pearl Powder that makes your skin supple and can give you a healthy glow. 😊 You can use this product during day time as a make-up base and in the evening before bed time.

Here are the ingredients list: Beeswax, Vitamin E, (alpha-tocopherol), Titanium Dioxide, Lanolin Anhydrous, White Mineral Oil, Isopropyl Myristate, Glycerine, Stearic Acid, Methyl Paraben, Propyl Paraben, Perfume, Glyceryl Monostearate, Tea Tree Oil, Pearl Powder, Kojic Acid.

Yeah it has parabens and mineral oil~ 😒 The product was made in Thailand it contains 3 grams of the cream, it has a mild and gentle formula for everyday use as i read the packaging.

Here’s the container:


Inside the container:


Here’s the swatches:


that’s what it looks like when applied on skin.


that’s what it looks like after i blend it.

As for the smell, i find the fragrance just fine, i am not so sensitive with the smell, i will just describe it as mild. In my opinion the pink variant has a distinct strong fragrance.

I’m using it for 3 weeks and 2 days as of today. But here’s my problem, due to it’s super white shade i couldn’t wear it during daytime as a make-up base/ foundation, because i will end up looking like a walking zombie in the day. LOLΒ πŸ˜‚ It was just too white! I really want to use it twice a day to see more of it’s effects, but too bad i couldn’t. I just use it before bedtime anyway, and i find the cream was not so comfortable to apply on skin i think it’s about the texture, it has a paste-likeΒ consistency not watery and so there’s a tendency that you might actually rub your skin a little bit harsh, so be careful.

But the thing is it does makes my skin fairer but not whiter, i love how my under eye bags area got a bit fairer, it also makes my skin supple with less oiliness! yey!!Β πŸ™Œ Before when i’m using the pink variant my skin would produce a lot of oils during the day! But this one was less the oiliness! 😘 If you were to ask me if i had breakouts, then yes i had! 😭 under my nose, yeah.. there’s the sad part! 😒 but overall, it’s not that bad. Other people use these Mena Creams to whiten their underarms, haha! I haven’t tried it yet, but maybe i’ll try it one of these days.xD πŸ˜‚Β  It only cost me PHP32 for 3 grams of the product and it’s widely available here in my area, you can buy this almost anywhere here, but if you have to purchase it online i think you can buy some on ebay.


β–ͺ Cheap

β–ͺ Widely Available here in my area

β–ͺ Somehow effective on skin whitening


β–ͺ Very white shade

β–ͺ It gives me break-outs!Β πŸ™

β–ͺ When i applied the product on my skin, i end up rubbing it a bit harsher due to the paste-like consistency of the cream.

I will give this product a 8 out of 10 hearts!Β πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’– Give this product a go since it’s cheap and quite effective!Β πŸ˜€

Maybe i’ll continue using this product until the end of the year, since i don’t have much budget to buy any expensive products for now.xD And it left me curious of it’s lightening effects on my under eye bags area.Β πŸ‘

Let me clear up some things, this is not a sponsored post.

That’s all for this post! Have a nice weekend everyone! 😘 Bye! See you next time!Β πŸ™‹



4 thoughts on “Mena Natural White Pearl Cream Review

    • Hello there! Thanks for dropping by, regarding your question my answer would be a half yes an a half no. LOL Here’s the thing, 16 is just a too young age to use these kinds of products. Maybe you should wait until you are 18. But, i have a lot of cousins who are actually using a lot of products on their face and to my surprise they are so young. Well in the bright side, i guess you can use Mena cream because i think it is just mild. Just remember don’t use any products with Hydroquinone as it can damage your baby skin. OK? And please always use sunscreen on daily basis when your going out and don’t expose your skin directly to sunlight as it can contribute to damage your baby skin. Read carefully the labels of the products you are going to use just go for those product which is mild and hypoallergenic. And if you have a sensitive skin, please consult your doctor first before trying out any product. Take Care. πŸ™‚


  1. Hi, I remember I used this product back when I was 16. I had breakouts back then usually before my period. So I used this once before bedtime. As what the blogger said it’s too thick on the face, i don’t like that feeling so what I did I dabbed baby powder over it. It worked for me. My breakouts dried over night, acne scars eventually disappeared. My face was smooth and it has this glow, i also had minor peeling but not noticeable. My classmates back then do notice it, they often ask me what I do to my face and that I’m lucky I don’t need to put face powder to avoid oil face. Disclaimer: We have diff. skin types so what worked for me might not work for you. Thank you for this review anyway, I’m just starting using it again. πŸ™‚ More power to you!

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