Beauty Hacks

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Hello readers! i just got lazy for the past days so i apologize for this late post.xD πŸ˜‚ Today i will be sharing to you some of the beauty hacks ive learned online~ πŸ˜€ Maybe a lot of you might already know this. Beauty hacks are making trends around social media, it’s not just beingΒ  trendy but it’s very useful as well. and here we go!

β–ͺ Use tissue and translucent powder to make your lipstick last all day long!

Clean your lips, then apply the first layer of lipstick, place the tissue on your lips get a brush and dip it in a small amount of powder and gently dab it into the tissue on your lips. This process is called lip blotting. The powder has the ability to seal the color of your lipstick. πŸ‘„ πŸ‘

β–ͺ Do you want a thicker and longer eyelashes without extensions? Well powder can help you add more volume into your lashes!

Just dab a powder in your lashes using a cotton swab, then apply your mascara. Just repeat the process in between your mascara application. Well, i tried this before, and i must admit that swabbing powder with a cotton is kinda difficult to do, so what i do is, i get my other mascara container it was half way empty i put some of baby powder and i mixed it with the applicator then it turned into a paste-like consistency. It does add a great volume to my lashes~ πŸ‘ You can now apply it first before you add another layer of your mascara!

β–ͺ Want your perfume last longer? Worry no more! Petroleum Jelly is your best friend!

Just simply rub petroleum jelly on your pulse point and spray your perfume and voila! your ready to go!

β–ͺ Did you purchase a darker shade of liquid foundation by mistake? Well, fret no more! By adding a moisturizer it can help lighten it’s shade!

Just mix them together and blend!

β–ͺ Want to do a dotted nail art? Band-aid can be a big help!

Just place the band-aid on the top of the nails that already has a first coating of nail polish dry it first before adding the next layer, then add the color you desired~ And you’ve got this oh-so-cute nail art! 😘

β–ͺ Use hair spray and old toothbrush to tame flyaways, especially stubborn baby hairs.

Simply spray the hairspray on the toothbrush and gently comb it in the desired area. You can also use this in your eyebrows for a quick fix. 😊

β–ͺ Check your make-up in the car!

Checking your make-up in the car is really helpful, because the car has the natural light. Different places lightning makes the make-up look different, so car mirrors are indeed helpful! πŸ‘Œ

β–ͺ Concealer? Apply it on a triangle shape to make it more effective!

Concealer works so much better by doing a triangle shape application. Make sure to blend it properly side ward and down ward.

β–ͺ Easy to remove nail polish with glue base!

Using glue as a base when using a nail polish is so much better to remove! When you are ready to change color you can just simply peel it off~ So convenient! πŸ‘

β–ͺ Use mouthwash to treat bruises!

Mouthwash helps the bruise to clear up faster and makes it instantly looks and feels better. πŸ‘Œ You just need a cotton swab with a mouthwash and dab on the affected area.

Photos not mine credits to the respective owners. πŸ‘

These are some of my favorite beauty hacks! As for me i find this very helpful! Hope this will help you guys too. πŸ˜„ Okay so that’s it for today’s post! Comment down below for your questions or queries, i will be glad if you did.xD Let’s follow each other on our social media accounts! 😚 See you in my next post! It’s the wrap! πŸ™‹



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