Johnnys & Associates a JPOP’s Fangirl Paradise!


Yo! Konbanwa minna! πŸ™‹ Good evening everyone! It is no secret that i am actually addicted with japanese idols! Fangirl desu! (im a fangirl!) πŸ˜‚Β  Tonight i will be talking about my favorite japanese entertainment agency that has a lot of ikemen (good looking) actors or rather called Japanese idols! Johnnys & Associates is my most favorite among all agencies πŸ‘ Why? i don’t even know why! lol πŸ˜‚ just kidding! Of course their idols are not just ikemen (good looking) and marketable they has a lot of charisma, ellegance, and simplicity bind into one. 😍

Idol groups of this agency makes me a lot happier everytime! Idols songs somehow cheers my spirits up with a lot of passion and inspiration. Johnnys has a lot of popular male celebrities in Japan, idols aside from being handsome and being in a group, they also showcases their ability on acting like stage plays, hosting, MC-ing, and so on.

The male idols typically starting their carrier as a Johnnys jr. They enter the agency as a young boy and/or a teenager and backdances for the senpai groups (senior popular groups) which make the Jrs more promising as the crowd wants to see more of them! who can’t resist their pure cuteness? Even when they are young they also manage to make the female fans go crazy over them! I am so sure my fellow JE fangirls understands what im talking about!xD 😘

I am certainly keeping my eye on Genki Iwahashi and Hokuto Matsumura these two are my consistent favorites! 😘

For the past 40 years the agency has produced many dancing and singing group/act. They are always competitive and doing well on the charts and as a fan i can proudly say that Johnnys is the best when it comes to male idols!

It all began in 1962, When Johnny Kitagawa heats up the industry for marketing and producing male idol groups. Johnny Kitagawa was a japanese born in Los Angeles and has a american citizenship. His parents came to the United States to widen the Buddhism since his father was a missionary. Kitagawa came to Japan after serving the US military during the Korean war in 1952, He became as an administrative staffer for the US Embassy in Tokyo.

Kitagawa was facinated in the movie “West Side Story”. This film gave him the idea to start a business to create and produce singing and dancing groups. However his first group launched by the agency in 1962 called as “The Johnnies” it is a 4 male member group, This group didn”t make it that big, but for Johnny it is his starting point that opens the door of opportunities to which is later became his successful carrier.

And now let’s talk about my favorite groups! kyaaaaaaaa! πŸ’•

First up is NEWS! They are my first beloved group in JE~ They are a 4-member group now~

Originally, NEWS was a 9 member group when they debut.

And then later became 8 member

Until they became a 6-member group.

I got really depressed when Ryo and Yamapi leaves the group. However NEWS is NEWS. The NEWS i’d love before is still the NEWS i’d love today, no matter what, NEWS is my favorite ultimate JE idol group indeed.

NEWS is now consist of four members namely,

Keiichiro Koyama, Takahisa Masuda, Shigeaki Kato, Tegoshi Yuya! 😍

Past members: Tomohisa Yamashita, Ryo Nishikido, Takahiro Moriuchi, Hiroki Uchi, and Hironori Kusano.

Here are some of my favorite JE groups!


Arashi is a lovable group, it is a strong group when it comes to fanbase. I believe most of their fans was rich due to their sales.xD lol yeah i just based it on that, but really kidding aside, Arashi is really an amazing group and they deserved their achievements today.


KAT-TUN also became a quartet group due to the departure of JIn Akanishi and Koki Tanaka from the group. KAT-TUN for me is one of the best group who sings live, that’s why i keep on missing Koki and Jin. KAT-TUN’s voice is definately heaven in my ears. I love their ballad songs such as Crazy Love, Precious One, and Ano Hi No You Ni. πŸ’•

Aishiteru.....Kame^^ photo kameaishiteru.gif

Hey! Say! Jump!

Hey! Say! Jump! is originally a 10 member group, but later became a 9 member group when Ryutaro Morimoto’s departure, they debuted in 2007. And now they became such ikemen men!xD

JUMP is one of the popular and promising group of the agency. These boys are the cutest group during their Jr days i swear! I remembered the time when some of the members backdances for NEWS on one of their concerts. Oh, so nostalgic those days are my first year of becoming a JE fangirl~ time flies so fast! 😘


This group is so fun to watch and yet they have the best and unique vocal abilities too. Kanjani8 has a feel good kinds of songs. Somehow i find myself listening to their songs a lot lately, the thing is i miss Ryo’s voice in NEWS but in a good way that is giving me a nostalgic feeling. 😊

I so love this one! πŸ˜‚


 photo Calendar2014_cover_zpsac57acfd.jpg

SMAP is my favorite senpai (senior) group! What i love about them is that, they are the best when it comes to comedic skits and at the top of that they always manage to perform with some of hollywood stars who visits Japan i really had fun watching Lady Gaga and SMAP together in the same stage.

amazing isn’t it?

 photo 22_Shingowinks.gif

My ichi (favorite) is originally Yamashita Tomohisa! I am a Yamapi wifey! 😘 haha,xD

Yamapi is really the reason why i became a Jonnys fangirl. For me Yamapi’s simplicity is too attractive. I remembered the moment i saw him dancing the song “Let Me” i was very much giggling! 😍 Since then i became one of his biggest fans. πŸ’–

As a fangirl of the jimusho (Agency) for 8 years now, i can really say that Johnnys Entertainment never fails to amaze me every single time. The groups are doing a lot of effort with a lot of passion which makes it a paradise for fans.


I love this group too. They are so adorable, a new breed of superstars! πŸ’•

I love these two! πŸ’–

There are a lot of amazing groups in Johnnys not only these, so check them out! 😘 Photos and GIF’s not mine credits to the respective owners.

That’s it for this my fandom post! See you all in my next post! πŸ™‹ Oyasuminasai minna! (goodnight everyone!)



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