Turn your spare room into a functional yet stylish office!


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Hi! Guys! I decided to update tonight since i have some spare time. Homebase jobs are getting me real curious! And so, i have this tips on how to turn your spare room into an office! Earlier i was inspired by the the photos i’ve seen on google about home offices. πŸ‘ Working at the comfort of your own home is a great option for some people. Home base workers are mostly housewives and persons with disability. Well, nowadays everyone is looking forward to work at home too, even me. This kind of job is a big trend worldwide. πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘ I think it’s cool to have your own office at home and it is giving you a lot of convenience!

If you are running a small business at home, office is an advantage too. Here’s how it works:

β€’ Customize your desired space


Today a home office is a basic necessity. In your spare room, give each wall a specific task. We need a good quality of desk. Shelves are also an essential for storage and of course a comfortable sitting area for reading, relaxing, and receiving clients. Modular office systems are the best option that allows you to configure the the space for costom, professional look. Β If you are in a budget, why don’t you buy a long tabletops and a file cabinet.


β€’ Build some character!

Personalize your room with your own creativity. Let your style shine through! Give it some artistic flair in every corner. You might want to avoid bland office furniture. And if you want, give your office a theme such as calm & simple, brainy & organize, or playful & fun and so on. It’s really up to you. You would like to find a desk that can totally utter your inner personality and character. The main goal is that to enhance your sense of style and find pieces that suits and satisfies your taste. Consider using simple pieces like floating shelves and bookcases, decorate it into your desired personal style.


β€’ Clutters are a huge NO-NO!

A lot of people find it a challenge to keep things tidy. If you have some spare cabinet, why not convert it into a storage central. Closet-organizing systems does have ample drawers for papers, office supplies, and useful documents. Keep everything organized. Another idea is to create a stylish closet organizer by removing it’s doors altogether, and to the help of standard bookcases place some of it inside within the dimensions of the opening to make it look like a built-in wall unit. You can always enhance it’s decoration by adding a fabric of your choice for a more presentable look.


β€’ Style your walls according to your personal style

For this you can use fabric panels, fabric pin boards and cork tiles to cover up your wall, this allows you to pin some interesting images, quotes, inspiration or anything that is about your work and can boost your burning passion. 😘 You may use a wallpaper, you can now have an accent wall in an instant! πŸ‘ Typography is an artwork trend, you can also use it to style your wall. 😊



β€’ Be Creative!

By adding finishing touches fill the space with artwork and selected items that satisfies your soul and creativity. Add your comfy chair and if you like adding ottoman in a corner is great for relaxation during break time. Remember, don’t overwork yourself, the room can also be use as your recreational area by adding some fun stuff like your hobbies, it can be photography, painting, scrapbooking, or even writing a journal or diary. Life is fun when you are doing things you love the most. It doesn’t have to be all about work. Think about happy thoughts and im pretty sure you’ll be in the right track. πŸ‘






Photo credits to the respective owners.

That’s it for this post! Add some comment. Let me know if you guys are in this kind of job, I would love to hear from you. I am an aspiring virtual assistant/writer, I would be glad if you can give me some advice! πŸ‘

See you in my next post! Thanks for dropping by~ 😊



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