Vaseline Healthy White Instant Fair VS SkinWhite Advanced Whitening Lotion


Hello everyone! 🙋 It’s not friday yet but im back! Yey! 😊 I decided to post something today so suddenly i just though of it a while ago.xD (haha, pardon this part im so having a black space at the moment) 😂 This post is about instant whitening lotions! 😉 I just realized that i am actually using different lotion for the past two months.xD

Kojic soap is badly drying my skin right now so i need some good lotion to keep my skin moisturized. Good thing there are Vaseline and Skin white that i purchase last April. 👍 The moment i purchased these products my hopes has gone higher as well as my expectations.xD Instant whitening lotions are really trendy these days, and so a lot of people find it promising. Well for me im looking forward to witness the instant whitening effect of these two. 😊

Here’s SkinWhite


According to its label, it has SPF20 with SYNCHROwhite action (I don’t even know what it means.xD 😂) it has vitamins such as B3, B5, and vitamin E. It also claims it can whiten your skin in 7 days. Oh, sounds good. isn’t it? I got mine in a local mall around my area. It only cost me PHP 71 for 50ml. 😊

Here’s Vaseline


It cost me PHP 110 for 100ml. The label states it has Skin micro reflectors (once again i don’t really know this science stuffs. 😂 well, google will always be useful.xD ) This product has a Triple Sunscreens and it promises an instant fairer skin that keeps getting fairer. 👍

SkinWhite lotion:


It is white in color, creamy texture and a usual scent, for me the fragrant is just right there’s nothing OA. 😉



Vaseline has a bit sticky consistency. It is slightly pinkish color, the smell is sweet not over empowering. 👍

When i started using these lotions, i didn’t see any drastic instant whitening. 😥 It made me kinda dissapointed.xD I was really expecting a great instant whitening effect but when i applied it to my skin, it looks like a regular lotion.xD

Since im using these products for the past two months i can say that it is just a good moisturizer.

I find SkinWhite better, because when i use it, it doesn’t feel sticky and it’s not heavy as well. Vaseline is really oily and heavy, every time i apply it to my skin i feel like im always sweating. 😥 It will even get worst when your outside on a humid weather. 😥

I didn’t include swatches and/or before and after pics of my skin with the product on it, because i was not convinced of it’s instant whitening effect. 😥

• Both cheap and widely available.

• I love it’s fragrance.

• Both products has sun protection.

•Not convincing instant whitening effect. 😥

• Doesn’t whiten my skin. 😥 Well, I believe that skin whitening itself is a case to case basis, it doesn’t work on me but it might work for you.

I give SkinWhite a 7 💖💖💖💖💖💖💖 7 out of 10.

While i will give Vaseline a 5 💖💖💖💖💖 5 out of 10.

That’s it for this post. 👍
I suggest that if you love these kinds of lotions, purchased those are from Japan, Korea and Thailand. I heard a lot of positive comments regarding on their instant whitening products. 👍

Feel free to comment below. 😘
See you in my next post. 🙋



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